Veiws 2088

The steel melting production of BMZ started to work in a regular mode

On March 22 at 7.38 the arc-furnace-1 (EAF-1) started to work. Thus, at present the steel melting production of OJSC "BSW —management company "BMC" holding” works in normal mode by three furnaces.

On March 12 the EAF-3 began working the first after the planned maintenance. During the planned stop the following works were conducted: modernization of conveyor for alloying materials feeding, reconstruction of furnace foundations, inspection and repair of used mechanical, power and electrical equipment, replacement of loading bridge trolley.The planned scope of work has done three days ahead of schedule.

On March 17 the EAF-2 and continuous casting machine -1 (CCM-1) started working due to restoration of power supply and prompt implementation of scheduled repairs. On the morning of On March 20 the CCM-2 began to work, two days later — EAF-1. It should be noted that during the period of stay the specialists and contractors performed a wide range of works at above-mentioned units, numbering more than 100 points. The key works are  the replacing the consoles of the furnace portal, repair of hood ofdust and gas catcher -1, of lining restoration of dust precipitation chamber, replacement of   vaporizing system segments of dust and gas catcher -1, repair of  flooring in bucket span .

Currently, the company is conducting active work on damage repairs after the incident of March 5. It will be recalled that this day there was a fire in a cable tunnel between the substation "Stal" and Steel Smelting Shop-1. Due to the interruption of power supply, BMZ had to stop temporarily the work of two steel melting furnaces and some sections of auxiliary production. Since the fire was on the eve of the planned stop of the furnaces, it minimized the enterprise’s production losses, but increased significantly the load on the repair services, which had to deal simultaneously with scheduled and restoration works