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BSW Rolling mill No.2 shipped a millionth ton of export product

 The last day of January became momentous for Rolling mill No. 2) as the first millionth ton of rolled products was shipped for export. The status of "jubilee" was given to automobile bars of 75 mm diameter that were sent to German consumer.

As for now there has been developed the production of over 50 bar sections, 27 wire rod sections, 5 rebar sectionsat the Rolling mill №2. More than 75% of these rolled products are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. Among the consumers of the product are the companies that manufacture components for the leading automobile company groups: DAIMLER, VW, BMW, MAN, etc. Rolled products of bearing steel grades are also in demand, which industrial supplies are currently exported to European consumers. The wire rod produced at new Rolling mill found its niches in the world’s steel market: for example, BMZ was homologated as a supplier for the world's largest shock absorber springs producer of the automotive industry and etc. The Rolling mill №2 was put into operation on September 25, 2015 and reached its designed capacityin November 2016.