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The 30th anniversary of Belarusian steel cord

On November 21, 2017 at BMZ the solemn events were held on the occasion of 30th anniversary of Wire Plant-1 output and start of steel cord production in the Republic of Belarus. On this day the best workers of BMZ were celebrated and the opening of the alley "Golden qualities" that was laid out near the Palace of Culture of Metallurgists was held on.

With the commissioning of Wire Plant-1 and the number of units at Steel Melting and Rolling Shops BMZ started the production of wire range the key of which is steel cord. At present the BMZ share in world steel cord production allows Belarus to enter the TOP 10 of the world main countries-producers.

Steel cord, which is the main reinforcing material for automobile tires, is for sale in the domestic market and for the leading foreign companies. Its export started in 1992, and in 1995 thanks to the certifications by the companies Continental, Goodyear and Pirelli, BMZ has been able to expand essentially the sales geography of these products in Europe and enter the U.S.A. market. Only over the last 5 years the sales volume of BMZ steel cord increased by 15% and the export geography has expanded with six new countries: UK, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Brazil and the Netherlands.

The active research activities of BMZ favours an efficient promotion of Belarusian steel cord in foreign markets. So, over 5 years the specialists of BMZ have developed the production of more than 20 new  steel cord constructions (5 - for earth mover truck tires), the serial deliveries of ultrahigh-tensile steel cord started for the leading world tire producers. At present more than 10 new steelcord types are at the stage of approval. The production of Byelorussian Steel Works is represented by three main Steel Plants (№1 - Micord; №2 - Pluscord and №3) and two subsidiary shops (Packing and Drawing Die Shop, Repair Equipment Shop). As for process equipment and continuous innovation process, it is one of the most modern worldwide production of such type. At BMZ the production of more than 110 steel cord constructions, 20 bead wire types, more than 40 hose wire types Ø 0,15 - 0,80 mm and saw wire  was developed.