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EcoVadis included BMZ into TOP-5% of performers

Corporate Social Responsibility of Byelorussian Steel Works was rated high by the experts on EcoVadis CSR monitoring platform. According to the web-site of this world-known organization, BMZ has been rated as ‘Golden recognition’, that’s why the enterprise was included into top-5% performers, being evaluated by EcoVadis.

This result shows high professionalism of employees from Byelorussian Steel Works. Thanks to this professionalism the enterprise delivers products to customers following key principles of CSR.

   EcoVadis is a reputable organization. They evaluate suppliers with a view to improve ecological and social practices of the companies. Presently, EcoVadis is a reliable partner of purchasing organizations in more than 120 leading international companies, and more than 24 000 use complex platform of the organization to reduce risks, introduce innovations and create transparency and trust between trade partners.

   BMZ, on request of its consumers of steel cord & wire products, participated in the survey on the platform for the third time.