Pipes for manufacture of drill pipes

Pipes for manufacture of drill pipes

Hot-deformed seamless steel pipes for production of drill pipes Hot-deformed seamless steel pipes for production of drill pipes
50,0-114,3 x 5,5-10,0 mm
Steel grade:
carbon steel and alloyed steel
Specification, GOST 631-75

Pipes are supplied in hex-shaped bundles (weight not above 5,0 t) with robust steel strapping in at least 8 points with horizontal separation of bundles. Every bundle has two steel or textile handling loose strapping for multiple lifting.

Bundle size: 300x260 mm - 700x610 mm.

Every bundle has 2 grafiplast labels, specifying the following in English:

  • country of origin;
  • producer's trade mark;
  • size, ODxWTH, mm;
  • length, m;
  • standard;
  • contract №;
  • type of pipe;
  • steel grade;
  • heat№;
  • batch №;
  • bundle №;
  • number of pipes in a bundle;
  • total length of pipes in a bundle (actual), m;
  • bundle net weight, kg;
  • destination country;
  • when needed - additional marking.

Presented documents

  1. Invoice.
  2. Certificate of origin.
  3. Bill of lading.
  4. Mill's Test Certificate according to 3.1 DIN EN 10204:2005-01, according to 3.2 DIN EN 10204:2005-01.
  5. Packing list.
  6. CMR.

Control of pipe quality

  • Incoming inspection for billet;
  • Control of rough pipe geometry;
  • Control of hot-rolled pipe size;
  • Control of pipe cutting quality;
  • Control of pipe straightening;
  • Control of weight of individual pipe;
  • Special control of defects on pipe surface;
  • Control of internal dia. and total curvature of pipe;
  • Visual inspection of external surface of pipe on both ends, curvature control;
  • Testing pipes by hydro press with high pressure (to 500 bar);
  • Control of mechanical properties (including the one after heat treatment operation);
  • Chamfer quality control;
  • Special UT inspection (non-destructive testing) by NTD UT unit: external and internal differently oriented defects control, pipe wall thickness control, pipe length control;
  • Control of packaging, labels, marking, marketable condition of product.

The following is possible on Buyer’s request:

  • Hydro-testing.
  • Non-destructive testing by eddy currents according to producer’s method.
  • UT-inspection.

The laboratories conducting physic, mechanical, chemical and metallographic tests work in order to control technological production processes and quality of finished steel products. The Central Works Laboratories are accredited for technical competence in accordance with the requirements of the national standard STB/ISO MEC 17025 and DIN EN ISO 17025:2005.

To monitor production processes and evaluate the quality of finished products, there are laboratories that conduct physical, mechanical, chemical and metallographic tests. The CPL laboratories are accredited for technical competence in the main activities in accordance with the requirements of the national standard STB / ISO IEC 17025 and the standard DIN EN ISO 17025:2005.

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