Pipes for manufacture of drill pipes

Pipes for manufacture of drill pipes

Hot-deformed seamless steel pipes for production of drill pipes

50,0-114,3 x 5,5-10,0 mm
Steel grade:
carbon steel and alloyed steel
Specification, GOST 631-75

Pipes are supplied in hex-shaped bundles (weight not above 5,0 t) with robust steel strapping in at least 8 points with horizontal separation of bundles. Every bundle has two steel or textile handling loose strapping for multiple lifting.

Bundle size: 300x260 mm - 700x610 mm.

Every bundle has 2 grafiplast labels, specifying the following in English:

  • country of origin;
  • producer's trade mark;
  • size, ODxWTH, mm;
  • length, m;
  • standard;
  • contract №;
  • type of pipe;
  • steel grade;
  • heat№;
  • batch №;
  • bundle №;
  • number of pipes in a bundle;
  • total length of pipes in a bundle (actual), m;
  • bundle net weight, kg;
  • destination country;
  • when needed - additional marking.

Presented documents

  1. Invoice.
  2. Certificate of origin.
  3. Bill of lading.
  4. Mill's Test Certificate according to 3.1 DIN EN 10204:2005-01, according to 3.2 DIN EN 10204:2005-01.
  5. Packing list.
  6. CMR.

Material Safety Data Sheets