Light-section rolled metal

Light-section rolled metal

Нot-rolled carbon ordinary-quality bars Нot-rolled carbon ordinary-quality bars

In bundles, weight 5 tons max., with single banding by steel strap 0,8-1,0х32 mm in 6 places min. equally distributed over bundle. Each bundle is provided with 2 steel straps for multiple lifting.

Upon agreement: wrapped polyfilm, textile straps.

Automation complex automation of non-destructive control includes:

  1. MAGNATEST-FOERSTER – Steel Grade control in accordance with  magnetic induction method;
  2. CIRСOFLUX-FOERSTER – control of surface defects in accordance with  magnetic dispersion method;
  3. OLYMPUS – UT control of external and internal surface defects.

At  rolling line  the  HI-GAUGE device is installed for measuring the size of round rolled products. The system "HI-GAUGE" provides detection of nonconformity of parameters: size, tolerances, ovality. 

The laboratories conducting physic, mechanical, chemical and metallographic tests work in order to control technological production processes and quality of finished steel products. The Central Works Laboratories are accredited for technical competence in accordance with the requirements of the national standard STB/ISO MEC 17025 and DIN EN ISO 17025:2005.

To monitor production processes and evaluate the quality of finished products, there are laboratories that conduct physical, mechanical, chemical and metallographic tests. The CPL laboratories are accredited for technical competence in the main activities in accordance with the requirements of the national standard STB / ISO IEC 17025 and the standard DIN EN ISO 17025:2005.

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