Rolled section steel

Rolled section steel

Hot-rolled round section Hot-rolled round section
Ø 3,50‛‛ - 6,00‛‛
Steel grade:
4140, 8620
ASTM A322-13, ASTM A29/A29M-15

Curvature, mm / m Roundness Length, mm
DIN EN 10060 not more than 0.25% of the length not more than 75% of the tolerance 4000 - 6000
8000 - 12000

Tolerance ± 1% of the nominal diameter on request.

In bundles, weight 5 tons max., with banding by wire rod 6,5 mm in 4 places min. equally distributed over bundle. Each bundle is provided with 2 steel straps for multiple lifting.

UT control of external and internal defects

Ultrasonic inspection of surface and internal defects consists of two automated units of ultrasonic continuity inspection of  long products "Volna -7 -03" and "Volna-7-04". The minimum depth of detected surface defects is 0.3 mm. Taking into account the specifics of the installation the  bar has untested areas - 150 mm at the beginning of the bar and 100 mm at the end. The unit provides control of internal defects according to norms and standards GOST 22120-75, DIN EN 10228-3, DIN EN 10308, SEP 1921, SEP 1920.

The laboratories conducting physic, mechanical, chemical and metallographic tests work in order to control technological production processes and quality of finished steel products. The Central Works Laboratories are accredited for technical competence in accordance with the requirements of the national standard STB/ISO MEC 17025 and DIN EN ISO 17025:2005.

To monitor production processes and evaluate the quality of finished products, there are laboratories that conduct physical, mechanical, chemical and metallographic tests. The CPL laboratories are accredited for technical competence in the main activities in accordance with the requirements of the national standard STB / ISO IEC 17025 and the standard DIN EN ISO 17025:2005.

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