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2016-09-09 Views 2136

Impact of austenitization temperature on grain size of steel 31CrMoV9

Impact of austenitization temperature on size of austenitic grain of chrome-molibdenum-vanadium steel has been studied. It has been shown that when austenitization temperature is 850-1050ºС, nominal dia. of austenitic grain in the structure of chrome-molibdenum-vanadium steel changes from 0,063 mm to 0,084 mm.   More...

2016-09-12 Views 2292

Selection of rolling flow chart for rebar for slitting process

Peculiarities of selection of rolling flow chart and calculation of dimensions of roll passes for production of rebar by slitting process in small-section continuous mills. The example is made how to calculate a geometric parameters of the second special caliber of slitting process. More...

2016-09-16 Views 1992

Numerical modeling of rolling process for pipe D. 88,9?8 in stretch-reducing mill in the pipe shop 21/168 at OJSC "BSW - management company of "BMC" holding"

The present understanding of seamless pipe production issue in SRM at the plant is reviewed. Numerical modeling of virtual technology aimed to reduce rejects and simplify switch over to new sizes and steel grades is described.  More...