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Steel melting production

At the engineering stage it was designated that the plant would utilize metal scrap as main source of raw material.


Rolling production

Byelorussian Steel Works is highly technological rolling production is represented by a modernized light-section mill 320, a wire mill 150 and a medium-section reversing mill 850


Pipe production description

ОThe main production equipment of the facility is: pipe rolling plant including a cross-roll piercer, a 4-stand PQF® mill (Premium Quality Finishing mill to achieve highest quality of pipes) and a stretch-reducing mill for pipe production


Steel cord and wire production

Thanks to the automation and equipment utilization steel cord and wire shops are among the world’s most sophisticated manufacturing facilities of the type



Dear Sirs and Madams!!!
Hereby OJSC «BSW - management company of «BMC» holding informs about trading session for export  sales of  steel products of January production  through electronic trading area of OJSC «BSW - management company of «BMC» holding more..

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